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Popular Types of Travel Trailers and Some Benefits of RVing


Nov 14, 2022

Travel trailers have recently grown in popularity. For one, bunkhouse trailers are now very common in the RV industry. They are named as such because they have extra bunks or cabinet style beds that can accommodate more people. Due to this, they can match more flexible floor plans. Even if they are presumed to be bigger than non-bunkhouse RVs, they can still become very biutiful oficial . Depending on how you plan to use them, there are plenty of types to choose from.

Either with or without bunks, smaller trailers are made for the traveler who is going for lightweight travel, but for bigger camping groups, big bunkhouse RVs are recommended. In the RV industry today, this has the biggest share in the market. There’s also a specific type of RV called the destination park trailer that’s normally equipped with a household toilet and refrigerator. This type of toilet can either come with or without holding tanks. But for budget sensitive RV buyers, they prefer to buy the latter, since they can always connect it to the park’s hook up sewer anyway.

On the other hand, non-bunkhouse travel trailers normally have one queen-sized bed for a couple to share. It’s basically a unit exclusive for use by the mom and dad alone. This type of RV is normally purchased by those who frequently travel and camp as a couple; but still, other family members can ride along and just sleep on the couch if need be. Moreover, newly manufactured non-bunk trailers are sometimes equipped with an outside kitchen extension.

Benefits of RVing

Whatever type of RV you’re using, camping in travel trailers is regarded as an economical way to travel. Colloquially known as RVing, it has become a very popular way for families and couples to go outdoors and take an outdoor vacation. Yes, purchasing your own trailer is pretty expensive, but it can save you back thousands of dollars worth of savings in the future.

After using the vehicle for quite some time, you’ll realize that it’s actually very cheap. With the luxury of a house or hotel on wheels, what price wouldn’t be justified with that? Just imagine the combined amount you normally pay for buying plane tickets and hotel accommodations for your entire family, and if you are a frequent traveler who camps out twice or thrice a year, having your own RV is a really good investment.

If you already own one, you can surely attest that it is the most economical camping choice. It lets you prepare your own meals and avoid the heavy cost of buying expensive food from restaurants and outside snack bars. In most cases, the fee you’ll be paying for renting a camp ground is much cheaper compared to formal hotel accommodations. This way, you’ll be able to sleep and enjoy camping at the same place. It also means better convenience, since you no longer have to travel from your hotel to your camping site.

Another benefit of travel trailers is the ability to set up instant camps wherever you like. If you find a place with a breathtaking view, you can easily spend the evening over at that particular location and not worry about looking for a place to stay or eat. This, in turn, gives you more time to bond with the rest of your family and lengthens the chance of you exchanging quality talks with them. All in all, travelers will be amazed with Travel Trailers as they help simplify your travels with both style and comfort.