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Discovering Korean Food in San Antonio: A Flavorful Expedition


Mar 18, 2024

1. Kimura

Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Kimura offers a contemporary take on Korean cuisine with a focus on traditional flavors and ingredients. From hearty ramen bowls to flavorful bibimbap and crispy Korean fried chicken, Kimura delights diners with its innovative dishes and stylish ambiance.

2. Seoul Asian Market & Cafe

Seoul Asian Market & Cafe is a hidden gem tucked away in San Antonio’s Castle Hills neighborhood. This cozy cafe doubles as a Korean grocery store, offering a wide selection of Korean ingredients and snacks. Visitors can also enjoy a delicious meal at the cafe, with options ranging from spicy tofu stew to bulgogi rice bowls.

3. Nara Restaurant

Nara Restaurant, located in varun.kr Stone Oak neighborhood, offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on Korean BBQ. Diners can grill an assortment of premium meats, including marinated beef bulgogi and tender pork belly, right at their table while enjoying the restaurant’s sleek and modern decor.

4. Koreana

Koreana, nestled in San Antonio’s Medical Center area, is a family-owned restaurant serving up authentic Korean comfort food. From steaming bowls of kimchi jjigae to crispy seafood pancakes and spicy stir-fried tofu, Koreana offers a diverse menu that caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

5. Bento Box Korean BBQ

Bento Box Korean BBQ, located in San Antonio’s Far North Central neighborhood, is a popular spot for Korean food enthusiasts. Diners can enjoy all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, with options ranging from thinly sliced beef bulgogi to flavorful pork belly, along with an array of banchan (side dishes) and dipping sauces.

6. Cupbop

For a taste of Korean street food in San Antonio, look no further than Cupbop. This food truck specializes in “cupbop,” a Korean dish consisting of rice, vegetables, and your choice of protein, all served in a convenient cup for on-the-go dining. Don’t miss their signature spicy chicken cupbop for a flavorful kick.

7. Hana Korean Restaurant

Hana Korean Restaurant, located in San Antonio’s Northeast neighborhood, offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere along with authentic Korean dishes. From comforting bowls of spicy soft tofu stew to crispy seafood pancakes and sizzling stone pot bibimbap, Hana Korean Restaurant delivers delicious flavors that keep patrons coming back for more.


In conclusion, San Antonio may be known for its Tex-Mex cuisine, but the city’s culinary landscape also boasts a diverse array of Korean food establishments waiting to be explored. Whether you’re craving sizzling BBQ, comforting stews, or savory pancakes, you’ll find an array of delicious options to satisfy your cravings in San Antonio’s vibrant neighborhoods.

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