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Did you hear the one about the funny quiz that was walking past a graveyard?


Nov 16, 2022

Q. My company publishes a monthly worker newsletter. My boss businessfox.co.uk requested me to jot down a humorous quiz. I’m now not precisely a stand-up comic. Help!

A. Ah, the humorous quiz. Lucky you! It’s now not regularly that a corporation has an authentic sense of humor that they may be inclined to show for all to study. This goes to be a awesome mission for you!

A humorous quiz is usually one wherein the questions and answers haven’t any actual motive other than to make the quiz taker giggle. Although almost anything goes, there are a few taboo subjects. Off hand I’d say that some thing that pokes a laugh at a selected man or woman, or companies of people, as well as whatever it really is anti-semitic, racial, sexual, political, or non secular have to be off limits. Remember, what one character thinks is humorous can offend a person else. Even reputedly harmless topics like “hillbilly” or “redneck” jokes won’t be humorous to someone who lives within the mountains or the deep South (like I do).

You can think about a humorous quiz as a series of 1-liners with a couple of-desire punch traces. Because you’re writing for a business enterprise guide you have a built-in “affinity institution” as there is sure to be a few not unusual topics which might be business enterprise associated and may be made into something humorous.

For example, in case you paintings for a software program development organization then you may have a question that asks:

What’s longer: A CEO’s week or a programmer’s week?

If you’re not giggling then you definitely have in no way had a programmer tell you that the venture will be ready in per week.

You want to walk a fine line even if the usage of topics like this for your humorous quiz. Say that your organization just posted a 4th region loss because a brand new software product neglected its release date with the aid of a “programmer’s week”. It would not take a rocket scientist to decide that you are approximately to tick off quite a few people if you add that question for your funny quiz.

Try to avoid worn out jokes or cliches. A funny quiz needs to be humorous, no longer lame. For example, nevertheless the software program teach of notion, a query like…

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