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Affiliate Marketing Tips: How To Get The Best From Social Media Marketing

Social media has long been recognised as a powerful way to businessshed.ca products and services online and is a favourite for those in affiliate marketing. Most people up to the age of 45 or 50 years old in the US and Europe have signed up for a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn account. What’s the best way to use these sites for promotion and connection to your prospects? In this article we look at ways that you gain the best from social media from an affiliate marketing perspective.

Decide if social media is right for your business. First off, not every product will sell well on social media. It’s down to what your products/service are and whether they are for the type of people you will find on social media. For example, some products are for the older set, and they are going to be harder to market to on the internet. If you are marketing to businesses, it might be that a Facebook business page won’t be able to reach businesses. It might be easier to reach these people through direct-mail campaigns; however, most affiliate marketing is directed at individual consumers.

Create a marketing pack. Setting up social media accounts isn’t the be all and end all of your marketing arsenal. You will also need to create blog posts, YouTube videos and status updates to get the most from social media. Plan your topics and be sure to use keywords that you have selected as being highly relevant to your products and business. Use your accounts to provide useful and valuable information – act as a reporter on your niche including your material and other material that you know will be of interest to your prospects.

Market your accounts. Make sure that you have clear cut goals for what you want out of social media. You’ll also need to market your accounts so that you can gain more connections. Add your Facebook page URL and Twitter URL to emails and any printed material that you have created.

Reach out to the big influencers in your niche to help get your name out. Once you build up a following, then contact the big influencers and offer to mention/promote them in exchange for a mention on their status updates to their following. Win/win.

Be clear on what you offer. Tie in your product or service type within the names of your Facebook fan page and Twitter ID. This makes it very clear to people what you offer immediately. It will also enable people to find you easier through search tools.

Strengthen relationships through social media. YouTube videos can allow you to show your personality and business culture to customers. This is important in order for them to be able to connect and relate to you.

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