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A Wise Man/Woman Will Change Their Mind – A Fool, Never


Nov 16, 2022

Since I am in the “Boomer” area – not only business wise, but also age wise – I tend to look at business through “boomer eyes.” This is not always a good thing. I have managed my businesses not by age, but by client services and wishes. I now find that I am automatically assuming that businesses and their employees should make an extra effort to entice me and get along with me as a consumer, even though I may not be willing to change in order to earn that enticement or service. A recent presentation that I attended made me take another look and revise my thinking on this subject.

The presentation was a motivational speech to show employees how to work together as a team unit for the good of the business. One of the strong issues pointed out was that age has absolutely nothing to do with how you interact with customers and each other. The goal is always in front of you – good business practice. How you reach this goal has to be a matter of give and take, not only on the part of the employees, but also on the part of the consumers.

When you, as a consumer, walk into an establishment and you happen to be of a “certain age”, that does not automatically mean that all employees of that business have to be dressed as you think they should, or have to tiptoe around you hoping they won’t make a disastrous error and lose your business. You need to give them exactly what you expect in return – respect for their knowledge, appreciation for their willingness to help and dignity in demeanor. In other words, both parties have to try to comfortably fit into the space of the other for the sake of a good customer relationship.

I am not saying that there aren’t certain marketing¬† https://www.businesse.co.uk/ that will appeal more to the senior/boomer population than the younger generations – that is a given fact and savvy business owners will take steps to get a handle on that. What I am saying is that there are a few perks that come with age and there is also a lot to be said about being younger also – somewhere, somehow in order to have an equitable business understanding, we all need to find a common ground without either side losing dignity or respect.