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Web Promotion

Search Engine Optimization is a hold all phrase for marketing a web site through the internet. search-engine-optimization-seo-service

   1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The method of preparing website pages to be submitted to and ranked high in Search Engines (like Google, yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc.) If your WebPages are previously ranked, at that time SEO gets your websire ranked higher.

   2. Viral Marketing - Viral marketing explains any tactic that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for development in message's influence and exposure.

   3. Affiliate Programs/ Associate –Link exchanges and Link referral - the joining of geographic or occupation specific websites that are complimentary in product or services.

Search Engine Optimization

The optimization preparation starts with suggestions for optimizing the overall architecture of the website and then drills down to on-page optimization methods with discussions on their respective advantages.

After the first optimization of the website, for the list of selected variables, the challenge remains to analyze the traffic; SE positions, user feed back, to well tune that optimization. Constant incremental optimization or fine-tuning of the website depending on the feedback is the way forward for Search Engine optimization.

It as well hints at new sections, which can be added to the website to make it more user friendly and search engine oriented.

The Optimization

The preparation to optimize the websites is based on themes. The website will be optimized for one main theme.

The Optimization of the site would be based on the following objective:

    * To get top rankings for the targeted keywords
    * To make the site Search Engine Friendly
    * To get the site cached in top Search Engines Database

What should be included in a SEO maintenance service plan?

    * Search Engine Optimization
    * Keyword research / Key phrase Analysis
    * Researching new keywords
    * Competitive analysis in different search engines
    * Web copy analysis - getting a lot of traffic to your site does not guarantee sales
    * Link Exchange (Boost link popularity)
    * Adding fresh content, Articles
    * Traffic Tracking
    * Monitor search engine rankings
    * Website structure and navigation
    * Monthly Ranking Reports

To ensure-up to date listings, our search engine promotion specialists monitor your website rankings each month along with title and Meta tag reviews to make sure that all pages are up-to-date with search engines algorithms.

Keyword placements must be maintained on a consistent basis to ensure your website positions remain visible on all top search engines.

Competitive keyword placements constantly shift in positions with additional websites creating competition.

Infovision4u provide a monitoring service for your website, analyzing changes and fluctuations in the search engines’ algorithms and reacting accordingly with improvements and modifications in your website structural design to ensure appropriate ranking and placing within those search engines.

3 SEO Packages at affordable SEO Prices from Infovision4u

* Standard (Less Competiotive Keywords)

*Advanced (Moderate Competitive Keywords)

*ProfeSSional (Highly Competitive Keywords)