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Software-Training-Programs>> Free Web Designing Training

We will develop the concepts and technical skills required to design and build interactive websites, optimizing images, including hand-coding HTML, and creating eye-catching page design using HTML, CSS, tables, spacer GIFs, and JavaScript. You will also learn to use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live to aid you in the design process and site management.

. Develop strategies for working with clients and production teams to create site maps, and both oral and written presentations to plan a professional website.

. Plan, design, and build a portfolio-quality professional web site for a client.

Web Design Class Syllabus

1. Establishing and Managing a Web Site
- Examine the major components of Dreamweaver
- Format text with the list tools.
- Expectations for final project.

2. Links
- Create text links
- Create e-mail links
- Set anchors and create links to anchors
- Create graphic links (buttons) and navigation bars

3. Getting Graphic
- Insert and edit graphics
- Investigate image properties
- Align graphics and text
- Investigate color tools and uses
- Control images in backgrounds and tables
- Create an image map

4. Tables
- Design a page with tables
- Insert and edit tables using templates
- Use a table layout to organize a web page.

5. Cascading Style Sheets-CSS
- Answer the question, "What are cascading style sheets and why should I use them?"
- Create and edit CSS style sheets

Training period: 2 Weeks

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