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Software-Training-Programs>> PHP (Php, MySql, JQuery)

Introduction to PHP: What is PHP? What hardware and software do I need? Linux and UNIX. Windows (98, NT, 2000, Millennium, XP). What does PHP cost? PHP versions.

A First PHP Web Page: Writing and uploading. The structure of a PHP page. Sequences of statements.

Variables, Operators and Expressions: Expressions and operators. Variables. Getting a value from a form. Alternative ways of getting values from a form. Comments in PHP. Including a file.

Control Statements: Conditional statements - if. Boolean operators. Blocks, else if and else. Conditional statement - switch. Loops - the while statement. Making up a table in your PHP. Alternative loop - the for statement. Other control statement subjects.

Functions: Global and static variables. Loading functions from another file. Defaulting parameters. Call by value v call by name. Example. Object oriented PHP.

Arrays: Array manipulation. Array functionality. Creating Arrays. Manipulating arrays.

String Handling in PHP: Strings. Strings - in variables and literals. String functions - an introduction. Low-level functions. Higher level functions. Matching, extraction and replacement functions.

Further Web Page and Network Handling: Maintaining state. Cookie examples. Headers, Heads and Bodies. Uses of Cookies. Accessibility - a practical example of cookies. Example using PHP4 built-in session functions. Why email from the server? Informing the system owner. Emailing system users. Other users. Emailing from the server. Configuration. Sending a simple email. Adding to the headers. Sending attachments. A practical example of mailing from PHP.

Using MySQL Databases in PHP Pages: Database structure. How to create a new table. Adding information to a table. Selecting information from a table and reporting it to a web page. Deleting a table. User input checking and other testing. Example: A PHP script to select and view the data in any table. Downloading all the tables from a database. Uploading tables from a flat text file. Using other relational databases from PHP.

Sourcing, installing and configuring PHP: Sourcing. Installing PHP. Installation of PHP under an Apache Web Server on Windows XP Pro. Installing PHP under OSX. Configuring PHP.

Security in PHP: From first principles. Testing. PHP installed as CGI binary. Possible attacks. Installed as an Apache module. File system Security. Error Reporting. Using register global. Hiding PHP. Keeping Current.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidate should be Graduate and having basic knowledge of C, C++, HTML and SQL
Training period: 3 Months

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